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Residential Strength Equipment

Kawartha Fitness carries all kinds of free weights from plates, dumbbells and benches to Home Gyms & Cable systems. 

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Commercial Strength Equipment

Single Selectorized Stations. plate loaded machines, Free weight & Cable operated equipment. we have what your facility needs,

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Medical/Rehab Strength 

Pulley systems for physical therapy and rehab programs. Functional trainers, mobile pulley systems, wall mounted pulleys. As a physiotherapy exercise equipment supplier we specialize in equipment adapted for rehab  programs in rehab clinics, hospitals rehab gyms, seniors residences and more.

Shipping & Logistics 

Kawartha Fitness consumers can order merchandise online and then trust that shipping will be quick, safe and secure at the best price, or even free! There’s also a growing trend for consumers to purchase larger big-ticket items such as ellipticals, functional trainers, home gyms and much more, from online eCommerce stores - and a trustworthy shipping service can make or break the transaction. We offer shipping solutions that ensure the proper transportation of large, expensive items straight from our warehouse, or store location to your home. 


 Full Design & Installation 

Along with carrying high quality fitness products, our professional & experienced installation techs ensure that your product is installed properly. A product can only be as good as its installation. Kawartha Fitness will facilitate full "White Glove Installation" in you area through our third party technicians making sure that every piece of equipment placed is done so with the highest standards.  

Contact an Installation Specialist


These machines can be heavy and awkward. Let a professional do it! We can even remove and recycle your old equipment 

Are you looking to install yourself? NO PROBLEM! We can help you along the way.

Service & Repairs

Our trained technicians provide fitness equipment maintenance & repair services to fitness facilities and home gym's for anything we sell. We partner with third party technicians t ensure your machine is up and running promptly & professionally


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Design & Implement.

Premium equipment ideal for your gym. We offer a selection of commercial fitness equipment from top brands like Spirit , Hoist, Inspire, Impulse, Vo3 and more. Need help with your flooring and mirrors?  Reach out, we are experienced. Floor plans also available.

Questions about Strength equipment availability?
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Home Gym Multistations

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Single Stack Home Gyms and Multi Stack Home Gyms from brands like Hoist Fitness, Inspire Fitness and Spirit are available, .

Selectorized Machines

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Hoist's Club Line features lower profiles, a smaller total footprint & very smooth, quiet functions for a better user & owner experience. The expanded HOIST HD Dual Series offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium.

Rigs and Racks

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Jungle Gyms, commercail multiatations, Crossfit Rigs and Custom builds. 

Workout Benches

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A weight bench offers a ton of versatility for your workouts, and using a bench as a stable surface is integral to a ton of strength training exercises like chest presses, dumbbell bench presses, incline rows, tricep dips, and more.

Free Weight Benches & Racks 

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Kawartha Fitness has a full selection of Free weight benches, Roman Chairs, GHDs, Chin Up Bars nad more.

Cable Attachments

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Unlock a wide range of exercises with j\cable machine attachments from Kawartha Fitness. Ideal for rowing workouts, tricep pushdowns, bicep curls and so much more.


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In the case you are on tight budget or just want to taste this template before paying.

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In the case you are on tight budget or just want to taste this template before paying.

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