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Free Weights for Home

 Designate your space. Nail down a plan. Get your equipment. Let's Go!

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Strength for Commercial

Success in multiple-user fitness facilities means knowing your members and balancing the setup to meet their needs,  Kawartha Fitness specializes in just that. 

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Strength For Medical/Rehab

As a physiotherapy exercise equipment supplier we specialize in equipment adapted for rehab programs in rehab clinics, hospitals rehab gyms, seniors residences and more. Dumbbells, Kettlebells and bands a play an  important role in returning to form.


Free weights can be used in countless ways that can fit most exercise routines. They are helpful for physical therapy, gaining muscle mass, athletic training, aerobics, endurance training, muscle toning and general conditioning. Free weights are the perfect tool for home exercise set-ups. For those hoping to skip the gym or supplement their work-out routine with some home exercises, free weights can be a great help — but only if the products satisfy the exerciser. There are variations in material, design, and variety that could mean the difference between satisfaction and disappointment. Since 1998 we have carried several brands and distributors. we honestly feel that our current line is the best of them all. From US made  Powerblocks to our custom imports Kawartha Fitness carries a great value line up.


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Olympic Plates

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Olympic plates in cast, rubber grip and bumper style available in 2.5 - 55 pound incrementally. 

Bumper Plates

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Fleck Plates are equipped with a 304 stainless steel hub insert.. Built for long-term durability and minimal bounce on the drop, these quality bumpers also include the attractive black + color fleck finish


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Kettlebells come in vinyl dipped or cast style and are available in kilogram or pound weights.

Workout Benches

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A weight bench offers a ton of versatility for your workouts, and using a bench as a stable surface is integral to a ton of strength training exercises like chest presses, dumbbell bench presses, incline rows, tricep dips, and more.

Specialized Benches

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Kawartha Fitness has a full selection of Free weight benches, Roman Chairs, GHDs, Preacher benches, AB slant boards more.

Storage Solutions

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Get your stff of the ground with plate trees,Dumbbell and kettlebell racks and other storage solutions

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Kawartha Fitness is pa proud retailer for Powerblock Dumbbell

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