Whether you’re looking for machines for strength, cardio or a combination, Kawartha Fitness will design a comprehensive fitness-club experience for your home with the same high quality equipment and service that we offer our commercial clients. Our experienced designers work with you closely to make your home fitness dream a reality.

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Kawartha Fitness has a large selection of cardio machines  from reputable brands like Sole, Spirit, Octane, Precor, NordicTrack and more.
Full installation is available. 


Whether you're a dedicated weight lifter, a super intense CrossFit acolyte, or a chilled-out yogi, it pays to have a reliable setup to take on your favorite workouts at home


High quality, shock-absorbing home gym rubber tiles reduce the impact on existing floor surfaces ad they look fantastic. Check out our complete selection of fitness accessories.

Best selling Home Fitness Products


  • 7.5" Bright Blue Backlit LCD screen that is very easy to see feedback at a glance 
  • A large 22 X 60" Running Belt and 3.5 HP Motor for strong durable running
  • Remote Handlebar Toggles - Speed & Incline in the handlebars for quick intensity adjustments

FT1 Functional Trainer

  • User-friendly adjustments: Quick, one-handed adjustable high/low pulley system adjusts to more than 30 height positions
  • Expandable Dual independent weight stacks  (73 kg or 160 lbs) each allow you to work each side of the body independently for a balanced workout. 
  • Rotating Accessory Holder: Includes the Multi-Functional Belt, Easy Curl Bar, Straight Bar, Ankle Cuff, Swing Handle, Tricep Rope, 2- Single Handles, and 2- 5 lb add-on weights

KAwartha Fitness

  • The 72" height gives you ample space for your workout routine even in a low ceiling situation. The compact footprint is just 48" x 48" and gives you with plenty of room for gym additions and customization.
  • rugged 2"x3" 11-gauge steel uprights will provide you with a sturdy and functional set-up that allows you to progressively increase your strength and power training by giving you a solid work station.
  • Available Attachments: A Rig-Mounted Landmine and 24" Spotter Arms.

Getting started on your home gym 

Having a home gym offers convenience, privacy, greater hygiene and immediate access to your personalized workout options right from the comfort of your own home. When it is your own space, you can design it the way you want to have an appealing aesthetic and entertainment options. Your home gym can always have the perfect equipment and accessories just right for you.

Start with acknowledging your fitness goals and then consider your space. How many square feet do you have? Does it need to be dual use like a large laundry room or garage? How much room will you need for your key exercise equipment pieces to fit and be used safely? You really only need a few essential pieces of equipment to get started.

Increasingly today, fitness equipment incorporates technology whether it is the latest Zwift compatible Spin Bike or you have an Smart Watch that syncs up to your cardio machine workout. These tools can help you track your workouts more accurately and stay motivated. They can also tie into your audio experiences, so you stay motivated by being in touch with friends and fitness instructors, as well as listening to music and podcasts.

Just focus on getting started. Once you do you will realize after a few workouts what pieces will keep it interesting and challenging for you. Unless you are very experienced and know exactly what you want then just get started. Adding and augmenting are easier after a little time in the routine. As a bonus you get another level of interest and energy each time you add new fitness “toys”.

Be on alert for buying "cheap". Cheaply made equipment will cause less satisfaction, less use, more likelihood for injury, a lower resale value, and a greater chance of having to purchase replacements. 

Choose high quality equipment from reputable companies that are well designed and long lasting. For example, Spirit Fitness equipment from the US is known for its durability and industry leading warranties.  Hoist Fitness is popular among users who want online programming with the FREE Hoist Strength App. . Sole & Spirit Fitness bikes offer an excellent indoor cycling experience, with quantitative data for training and physical therapy. Inspire Fitness is the industry-leader in high quality fitness equipment. Designing & engineering some of the most innovative cardio and strength equipment available today.

By keeping distinct areas for different equipment and workouts, you will stay organized and keep your home gym space inviting. Some of the equipment that you buy may need access to electrical outlets. You will want to place your gym machines and equipment for easy workout access and in such a way that you have enough space to move around in the gym comfortably without tripping on or even seeing a lot of wires.

Flooring:  For majority of your gym, you will want to have some type of foam, cork or rubber flooring. This type of flooring does not make any sound and is therefore, ideal for home environments. The flooring type that you choose will determine how soundproof the room is. Flooring also helps absorb impact from weights and cardio machines. Softer flooring can help prevent injuries.

Building a home gym isn’t a quick project, but you’ll love the result when it’s finished. Take your time, lean towards quality equipment and stay on budget. Don’t be afraid to be resourceful when it comes to finding alternative options.

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