Spirit Medical MA900 Rehabilitation Adjustable Crank (RAC) Upgrade Kit

SKU: 100-3516

MA900 RAC Bike Upgrade Kit

The MA900 flexibly accommodates patients by its incrementally adjustable cranks, from as little as 15 degrees. Smaller degrees render smaller circular lower body motions. As a result, patients with limited ROM can start therapy earlier than by using other rehab equipment. Ultimately, patients acquire passive and active mobilization for hips, knees and ankles.

Training merits with the MA900 include:

  • Isolated closed kinetic chain exercising for quads and hams.
  • Exercising in the pain-free parts of the body, thereby reducing patient's discomfort and fear.


The MA900 can replace most existing 9/16" threaded bike cranks. Your standard exercise bike becomes a clinically effective rehabilitation tool.

The MA900 benefits: total knee replacements, total hip replacements, ACL, MCL, & PCL repairs, ligamentous tears, patella femoral conditions, tibial stress injuries, tendonitis, and other arthritic, neurological, and muscular conditions.


  • Fits both upright and recumbent bikes
  • 10 incremental pedal position adjustments
  • Adjusts from 15 degrees to full range
  • Passive attachment arm allows passive ranging


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