Massage Ball, Peanut Style, Blue

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Product Description

Begin today to roll away sore and tight muscles with this dynamic self-healing tool. By using the Peanut Style Massage Ball to apply pressure to these points, the muscles are eased and the pain alleviated. This helps revitalize and soothe all areas of the body.  

Made of durable rubber, the Peanut Style Massage Ball provides great support while rubbing out tension from areas like the neck, spine, thighs and even feet.  The design of the massage ball, massages the skin and muscles using the densely packed, raised points on the ball's textured surface. The increased blood flow stimulated by the massaging action helps to remove muscles tension, while the dimples affect the sensory organs of the skin, increasing stimulation of the nervous system. This is particularly important when dealing with the soles of the feet.


  • Double Spikey Ball - Peanut Style - Blue
  • 2.75" diameter
  • 6.5" in length
  • Colour: Blue


90 days on manufacturers defects


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