Tyre Tread Slam Ball, 45 lb

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Product Description

The non-bounce Tyre Slam Balls are intended for functional resistance training exercises of varying difficulty for any fitness, sport, or rehabilitation application. This is the perfect ball for exercises such as wood chops, overhead throws and much more.  Ball slam exercises help you gain explosive strength, muscle strength and tone the entire body; from your shoulders all the way down to your legs. Additionally, using slam balls will force you to do a variety of challenging movements that will increase cardiovascular activity and aid in weight loss. The Tyre Slam Balls also make the perfect tool for cross training workouts or sport specific training like MMA, boxing, wrestling, etc.


Available in weight increments from 4 lbs up to 60 lbs, these tyre tread style, non-bounce slam balls can benefit users of all sizes and skill level.  They are versatile enough to use as wall balls or for traditional medicine ball exercises, as well.  The textured tyre style surface of the slam ball provides better grip compared to traditional slamballs and allows for easy gripping during all movements


  • Textured "tire style" surface for better grip
  • Non-bounce design
  • Large easy to recognize weight values
  • Slam Ball Diameters:
    • 4 - 20lbs: 9.5"
    • 25 - 45lbs: 11.5"
    • 50 - 60lbs: 13"
  • Slam Ball Diameter: 11.5"
  • Weight: 45lb

Available in the following weights:

  • 4 Lbs
  • 6 Lbs
  • 8 Lbs
  • 10 Lbs
  • 12 Lbs
  • 15 Lbs
  • 17 Lbs
  • 20 Lbs
  • 25 Lbs
  • 30 Lbs
  • 35 Lbs
  • 40 Lbs
  • 45 Lbs
  • 50 Lbs
  • 60 Lbs 


90 day warranty on manufacturer defects.


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