Petra, HandWraps, Cotton, pair

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Petra Cotton Hand wraps

Petra hand wraps are the ideal wraps for all combat sport workouts. Perfect to fit in Boxing, Kick boxing or MMA training gloves and grappling gloves with no restraints. Hand wrap measures 138" x 2" with a convenient thumb loop and Velcro closure for easy and secure wrapping.

Benefits of using handwraps: 

  • Using handwraps will help protect your bones and tendons in your hands.
  • The wraps will help support your wrist and thumb.
  • Help prevent injuries,
  • it is recommended to always wrap your hands before you work out. 

TIPS when wrapping your hands:

  • You need to feel comfortable if your handwraps don't feel right, do them over.
  • Wraps should be tight enough to stay firmly in place, but not too tight or they will cut off your circulation.
  • Handwraps can be machine washed. Hang up to dry.
  • Depending on how much you sweat, it is suggested to roll the handwraps back up when finished with your workout.
  • If you work out several times a week, buy a couple pairs of handwraps and rotate them between uses,
  • For smaller hands, avoid wrapping too many times around the palm, because the handwraps will bunch up.
  • For very small hands, you might need to include a couple figure 8's and extra times around the wrist.
  • Practice make perfect, after a while wrapping your hand will become routine


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