PowerBlock Sport EXP, 5-50 lbs

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Stage One

The PowerBlock EXP's are stage 1 dumbbells that can be expanded in weight to adjust to the current needs of the user. These compact dumbbells are designed to be easier to control and balance and can go from 5lb - 50lb, which replaces the need for 16 pairs of standard fixed-weight dumbbells. They feature a patented selector pin system and are equipped with two 1kg 'adder weights' that slot inside the handle for micro-incremental training in steps of 1kg per hand. The new auto-lock feature automatically locks the adder weights into place when put into the weight stack.


The EXP set features a more "open" handle design of almost 2" wider. This allows for ease of use of the dumbbell set and added comfort when training.  The upgraded paint lasts longer and has an anti-friction layer to it to make changing weights even easier. The entire weight stack has also been redesigned to a sleeker style which also greatly improves the balance of the PowerBlock unit.

About the Expansion Kits
The Spot EXP comes in 3 stages. Stage I is the base unit and can operate independently. Stage II units include the 50lb - 70lb kit and stage III includes a 70lb - 90lb kit. Both stages II and III require the base and prior expansion kit to operate.  


  • Features

     Stage 1 Dimensions - 12"L x 6.5" W x 6.5" H. 
  • Easy to Store
  • Small Footprint
    • 2 Expansions
    • 50-70
    • 70-90


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