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Xtreme Monkey Adjustable Commercial Weight Vest 35lbs

The Xtreme Monkey commercial weight vest doesn’t sag! And the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vest for comfort and balance. The NEW design allows you to freely exercise without worrying about weights falling out of the vest.

Xtreme Monkey Adjustable Commercial Weight Vest 35lbs Features:

  • 35 lbs adjustable vest.
  • 16 incremental weights.
  • Easy adjustable velcro strap.
  • Commercial material to ensure no rips or tears.

Perfect for :

  • Handstand push-ups.
  • Burpees.
  • Bear crawls.
  • Plyometrics.

Benefits :

  • Increase the workload of your training session.
  • Burn more calories and lose more weight.
  • Increase metabolic rate.
  • Improve muscle and bone density.
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance.
  • Great to overload that morning walk and burn extra calories.
  • Increase the demand on body weight exercises.
  • Take your training to a new level.


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