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Extremely Quick and Perfectly Balanced. 

  • The rope of coated stainless steel is attached to metal ball bearings and strong plastic handles. 
  • Dimensions: The rope has a total length of 2.82 meters

You would like to do something for your fitness but have not found the right sport yet? The Lifeline Super Speed Rope is entirely in line with the trend. Training with the rope is extremely efficient because it demands many body muscles. You merely need a good rope and damped sports shoes. Whether you train inside or outside - decide depending on weather and mood. Also the load is chosen by you. 

The Super Speed Rope is exactly the jump rope you need:

The handles of the rope are hollow inside so that the rope can rotate there and does not tangle.

Pay particular attention to the correct length of the jump rope. Ideally the rope ends reach your armpits when your feet are on the middle of the rope. Skipping is in fact possible everywhere. Yet, the ground on which you train should be even, non-slip, and not too hard. It should give in a bit. Gym mats, flat forest paths, patches of grass or green areas are ideal.

After warm-up beginners best start with the standard jump which is easy to learn. Thereby they press away from the ground with both feet - not higher than three centimeters. When landing they slightly bounce in their knees to disburden joints, ligaments, and tendons. To get accustomed to the stress you should first jump in intervals of one to two minutes. In the meantime you walk on the spot.

The one-legged jump already requires significantly more endurance and balance. Jump with the right leg and a slightly bent left leg over the rope till you feel a slight burning in your right leg. Now you should switch to the left foot. When you endure this exercise for 15 to 20 minutes, you can dare to advanced jumps. The table shows a selection. 

Jumps at Advanced Level  

Jump     Realization
Run Jump    The jump foot changes with each rope rotation so that you   actually jog on the spot.
Jump with Double Rotation    For two rotations per jump you have to rotate the rope quicker and jump higher.
Jump with Pulled Knees    You jump on one foot and bend the lifted leg in the knee. 
Jump with Crossed Arms    Cross your arms shortly before the rope swings under your feet. When the rope is directly over your head, de-cross your arms.



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