Petra Double Ended Bag, PU

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Petra Double Ended Bag

The PU Leather Double End Bag is a staple piece in boxing and martial arts training equipment for your home, gym, or karate studio. This PU leather double end bag will enhance your speed, accuracy, and endurance which will better you as a karate and boxing student. This is an alternative to a speed bag workout with more secure control of the bag for those at a lower level of martial arts and boxing training.


  • Thick PU Leather
  • Fastening loops are heavily reinforced to withstand daily use and abuse
  • 8" in diameter x 14"
  • Laces on top to provide easy access for bladder replacement
  • Colour: Black with blue contrast colors


  • Thick PU Leather 
  • 8" in diameter x 14"
  • Colour: Black with blue contrast colors


90 day warranty on manufacturer defects


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