Zwift, an interactive racing and training app, is now compatible with select Spirit Fitness treadmills and bikes. Setting up the connection is simple and intuitive. By integrating Zwift with a Spirit Fitness treadmill or bike, users can experience the virtual world of Zwift, including a community that motivates you every minute, flexible training plans and intuitive coaching to make adjustments for days you miss or to align with your progress.

Important Compatibility Information

Compatibility with Zwift App is only available on models manufactured after 11/1/19. Your model is compatible if you purchased your product in the US and the serial number is:

 Model  Serial Number
 XT285 Treadmill  Anything After 2858151908004770
 XT385 Treadmill  Anything After 3858151906004500
 XT485 Treadmill  Anything After 4858151908002730
 XT685 Treadmill  Anything After 6858151907006040
 XBR55 Recumbent Bike  Anything After 5511181906001120
 XBU55 Upright Bike  Anything After 5512181904000900

Need Help Connecting?

If your machine has Bluetooth FTMS technology and is included in the list above then you're ready to get started! Click here to learn how to connect your Spirit Fitness equipment with Zwift.

Once You Connect, the Zwift App will Guide You Through the Process.

1000+ Structured Workouts

Hop on Zwift for an effective and heart-pumping workout based on your goals and time. Geared to your ability, the guided intervals are easy to follow and challenging to do. Build on your strengths and target weaknesses with some of the best coaches in the world. They’ve got the wins to help you get yours

Train Together Game Together

Zwift takes indoor training to a new immersive level. On-screen prompts keep you motivated as you move. You’ll score points and unlock achievements while you sweat. All this in a virtual playground where thousands train with you.

Flexible Training Plans

Need a long-term strategy for your next event? Start a training plan and smash it. Zwift cycling and running plans are crafted by race-winning coaches and tailored to your fitness level. And they’ll adjust around your schedule. Get your workouts done, no matter how busy life gets.