Build the Best Gym. Yours!

Our team can assist you in any of your projects: Condo complex, Hotels, Private and Commercial Gyms, Corporate, Schools, Clinics, etc. We have designed and installed many home and Garage gyms since 1998. 

Design services include:

  • Personalised consultation
  • Interior design, architecture, 2D and 3D planning
  • Optimization of existing space
  • Choosing equipment according to your needs
  • Selling/renting and installing equipment
  • A full range of related services maximizing the potential of your space

Great solutions for the layout of your training space!



Whether it is for a condo real estate project or hotels, a large commercial gym or a small private training space, Kawartha  Fitness will support your design, choice of equipment and the management of deliveries and facilities.

The structure of your design is an important asset when it comes to space design. We can collaborate with your designer/architect or offer you the services of our team for the design aspect.

  • Evaluating available space and customer needs
  • Developing a budget and its return on investment
  • Layout plan and interior design
  • Choose and buy/rent equipment
  • Implementation of renovation and development projects as needed
  • Delivery and installation of equipment
  • Maintenance plan


We help make physical activity more accessible and exciting. A well organized and planned space is the basis of your fitness. Our expertise allows us to help you the maximize your space and budget. We aim to design a training room that allows you to achieve and enjoy your goals to the fullest.